I am worried that I screwed up my bike

I was riding some trails yesterday, and there was this part that went through a creek. I knew about the whole breather tube thing, so I kept it revved as I was going through, but even then, the water was still very high. I didnt get any in the airbox and it ran fine with no loss of power for another 15 miles before I packed up and went home. The only thing I am worried about is that there is a little spot of oil at the small opening on the RIGHT side of the cylinder. You know, the tiny little hole that is about 3 inches from the top of the motor. It is just a spot and nothing more, but I have never seen oil there before and so I am worried. Should I be?

Are you talking about the spark plug drain hole? I always seem to get a little in there when cheking the valves. If you got water in the top side, that oil could ooze out after the water was gone...

Yeah thats it, the spark plug drain hole.

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