What plug......

We've been getting BR8E. I've seen it stated that some people use CR8E, but they look way different. Kind of a newbie question, but I'd like to know for sure.

Me too...................

I thought all the YZF's used a CR8E?

What's the difference? I've been gapping the BR8E to .035mm. I guess that may be why I've fouled so many?

I thought so too. I know thats what I use and its what my book says to use.

i believe that the CR#E series plugs are the same size. the number just designates the heat range. not positive but thats what i thought i was told. i only used to run a CR8E, but i tried a CR7E at glamis this weekend and i liked it. im going to try an 8 at glamis next time and see how it compares. hope that helps.

I guess my BR8E plugs were all wrong. Is that why I've fouled so many? Grayracer, help me out here.

I dont know but i think the BR series are the 2 stroke plugs( not sure). But your gap is off too you should have a gap of .028-.031 in or .7-.8 mm.

B series plugs are 14mm

C series are 10mm and D series are 12mm . The BR should not replace the CR series of plug . Look in an NGK cataloge for a complete explanation of the numbering system . I could go into more detail if you like ?

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