Dried mud on header pipe speeds corrosion?

I have been riding my 2005 L through quite a bit of mud lately :thumbsup: . But I don't clean it after each ride. I try to keep it clean and wash it often, but not after each ride. Plus, it's almost impossible to keep the exhaust header pipe clean. The muddy water burns on and that's it. The guy at the parts counter at the bike dealership today said that keeping mud and dirt on the exhaust header makes it rust through faster. Do you believe him?

Do you keep your exhaust header pipe clean? If so, how? Someone once said steel wool. Hmm...

He's absolutely right. You should clean it off after every ride.

i keep my header clean....it still rusts. it isnt painted, yoshimura....dont know what its coated in but she gets rusty pretty quick. all steel wool is good for is taking the rust off......it will take the paint off the stock pipe and it will rust over in a days time. just try to keep her clean.....when it gets rusty, sand blast it and re paint.

I wouldnt loose any sleep over it.

take it off and steel brush it with a drill :thumbsup:

On the 650R, the header is made out of a stainless metal, so it doesn't rust at all.

My cousin, on his XR600, sent the headers into Baja Designs & had them ceramic coated. some people say not to do that because it holds heat, but I think it was the best thing he ever did to that bike.

the 'L' header is also stainless steel, but not the best grade in the world ... I just use the 'wirebrush in the drill' approach, and re-paint occasionally ... from what I hear, the heat tape makes the pipes rot from the inside out, and ceramic is the best way to go ...(I dont have personal experience with the ceramic).. :thumbsup:

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