Suspension 06

Alright, just posting this to ask if anyone knows if there is any possible way to buy works kit suspension for the 06 250f. Enzo racing has them listed on their website but upon further investigation, I was informed that the only way they would sell me the parts was if I was planning on racing 125 supercross.

So if anyone knows anywhere else to obtain the parts lemme know, and I was also wondering if anyone knew how good of a setup ohlins has for the bike.

thanks all

-Shawn Clark

oops meant this for the 250f forum, ignore

enzo, PC, RG3 , factory connection all have Works suspension kits. I would start calling around and consulting them.

You will not get what the 250 class bikes come with. They are much larger than what is on the market, only the high dollar factories get them and they are up to 53mm presently up front. The 125 or lites class is limited to 51 or 52mm presently, forget which it is.

well I have called enzo and factory connection and neither will sell me the 125 class works stuff, so I'm not real sure what you're suggesting?

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