what would you do?///??

Hey all...i need a engine rebuild on my xr600 have been advised that it will cost around the 2000 mark.I can get a another xr for a similar price than that of the rebuild.Question ...Buy the other bike ..get the engine. put in mine ..plus all the rest as spares or sell off...or get the rebuild done .The engine of the other bike has no smoke rattles etc..only done 7000kms...what you all think?? cheers

wait and get a CRF600

hi. from reading post's on dbw i hear bikes are expensive down there, so if i were you i would get the other bike and use the best of both and have a parts bike for later on. tim

again with the phantom CRF600

Definately buy the other bike. Keep yours for spare parts, or build one with the best parts from each.

My thought is it depends on how attached you are to your 600 and how much money you have into it. If you've been wanting another bike for awhile then it's an easy decision. If you love your bike and have some extra $$$ to spend, get a rebuild and install a big bore kit. Seems like a shame to turn it into a parts bike if everything else is in good shape. I know here in California used 2000 XR650R's are going for $2500 or less.

You gotta know when to say when. Only you can answer that question.

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