Brake bleeding Problems

I have a 02' WR426 with a spongy feeling front brake. The front brake didn't start giving me problems until i crashed and the weight of the bike landed on that master cylinder front brake lever area. After that, the brake was squeeking and spongy feeling. The pads are fine. Theres no leaking of brake fluid. I've bled the brakes and also installed a Master cylinder rebuild kit. Is there a special trick to bleeding that might help? Any advice would be appreciated.

Try removing the front caliper from the fork, so no bubbles can get caught around the bend. Use some small clamps to hold the caliper pistons all the way in, forcing out any bubbles there. Then use a vacuum pump to bleed.

Some people say reverse bleeding the system is better, as it forces the air bubbles up thru the system. But it sounds really messy.


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