DR650 Decals

Am in the process of purchasing a 2003 DR650. Currently the decals are coming off the one side of the tank due to a gas leak when the tank was removed.

Anyone know of a web site to purchase on-line (and possibly save money) rather than buying from the dealer for $101.45?


Ron Ayers has them for $157 and change. You may be getting a deal. I'm not sure if that's for both sides or just one side.

If you just want the "S". it's 8 bucks and change.


I have seen the decals on Ebay. Right now, there are actually a few OEM dr650 gas tanks in great shape that have a "buy it now" option for $99. That might actually be a more cost effective move and easier to find item.

Good luck.

Anyone have a source for decals that will stay on a plastic gas tank? I have seen perforated decals on a Honda, but none for the DR650...A generic Suzuki or "S" would be fine...

The "S" can be gotten from Ron Ayers. A heck of a lot cheaper than the entire tank decal. I have seen a set from Ceet Graphics for the DR350 that might work.

if the decals are coming off, the clear-coat must be damaged.

on the stock tanks the dacals are under the clearcoat.

I would just strip and respray the tank and put just a set of new "S" 's on it.

Unfortunately tank decals are expensive. Mine cost me $160 from the dealer (OEM). I couldn't find them any where else. My 1990 DR650 has a 5.5 gallon tank so just picture the size of the decals. Because these things are so freakn' expensive, you might want to have a professional (dealer) install them (probably $60 or so). If you install the decals yourself, be sure to use the water method so you can move the decals around once they are on the tank. Once placed correctly, carefully press the water out from behind the decal and let it set.

Good Luck

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