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As anybody done much with transfering video on to their computer and pulling still shots from it. I did my first taping the other day and decided that I bought very poor software to download with.

After trying for about two hours i finatty could download some video then two more problems came up. One I can not figure out how to pull a still shot out of the video clip and two a short video clip less that two minutes is so large that even after compressing it it is way to big to email to anyone.

BTW I have a Sony trv 330 camera (I love it) and the software is DVmovie suite which came with no real instructions and the help file is schetchy at best


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I wasn't to thrilled with the software that came with my Cannon Optura digital video cam either. I found a free utility on the web for capturing the video off of the camera - called "DVcap". I have been very happy with that utility.

Uncompressed video is going to use a lot of disk space and there is nothing that you can do about that - best to buy a real large hard drive to play with.

Compression algorhythms will bring the file sizes down a lot. My favorite is DivX as you seem to get pretty good quality and fairly small file sizes. You will have to put the uncompressed video on the hard drive and then compress it using one of these algorhythms. Cropping the size of the video clip will go far in saving disk space as well.

Finally, the tool I use to recompress the video is called "VirtualDub". This utility will allow you to edit the contents, cut out a single frame, join clips and more.

Best of all, all the above mentioned software is free for download on the internet - run a few searches and I am sure you can find all of the above - if not let me know and I'll see if I can dig them up.

- Sean

If you looking for some big time infor on how to transfer video to computer scroll down and read the post "Helmet Cam" originally posted by

00 in Calgary (Neil) has extensive knowledge in this subject and is very detailed with his explanations. Even though he is trying to explain it in laymens tems it is still very technical to me but he has help me understand certain aspects of how video is made.


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There a bunch of great video packages out there. I use Media Sudio Pro from Ulead ( Adobe Premier is great also. I got a great bundle from that included a firewire card, mediastudio pro, acid, sound forge, cool 3d, and Hash's 3d animation software for about $400. I work in the video industry as a graphics animator/compositor for TV spots and found these packages pretty good to use at home.


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