Attention CA OHV area users

For those of you that have not heard please read. I posted this in the General forum as well but wanted to post it here too because this is where I send most of my TT time and know many of you have the same concerns.

"As an Off Roader I am very concerned about the current way in which my Green Sticker funds are being mis-appropriated. I care a great deal about the environment & Off Roading, but find that the OHMVR commission has not, and is not following, their mandate to enhance OHV opportunity. I know when trails are closed, families who enjoy OHV recreation are forced onto an ever smaller & smaller trail system, which cannot handle the increased use. This harms the environment."

Please take the time to follow the links below and send a letter or attend the meeting in Sacramento if possible. As stated "the fight is on" to save and enhance the OHV areas as we know them. This is not a chain letter or a spam, it's for real and we need everyones help!

Sent mine in. Good luck! :thumbsup:

Sent in my reply :thumbsup:

Sent mine. Sending hard copy tomorrow.

Done. Thank you. :thumbsup:

Ok, what the heck. :thumbsup:

Thanks for the support everyone! Keep them coming and if you happen into another forum remember to spread the word. If you live in the Sacramento area or can make it out that way for the meeting please do so, there is strength in numbers!

Sent mine in ,

Thanks for the heads up.

Sent mine....

Sent mine.

Weren't there some legislator's and congress people who were working in our favor? :thumbsup:

Names/email/addy's ?

Maybe lettter's of the same message should be sent to them as well. Perhap's as a form of ammunition, for their affront on our long overdue battle.

Hell, I've got a red stickered 4 stroke. Let's throw down. :bonk:

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