magura hydraulic clutch conversion

I have a 99 yz400f and want to put a magura hydraulic clutch on it. Does anybody know if it is worth the $200 price tag?


i put one on my 03 and it did not make that big of a differnce on clutch pull, my lever was pretty easy to pull as it was. it might be better than what you have on that 99 yz. it looks cleaner and who am i kidding, no i dont think it is worth that much all though i bought one

Before you spend your dollars on the juice clutch try and reroute your cable and take the sharp loops out of it and the kink near the actuator arm where the adjuster is. Lube it up real good and try that. I'm guessing the bike is used so what kind of shape is the cable in? If these don't work buy a new cable, if it's still to stiff buy yourself the MSR Raptor clutch system only $35. Try these before you spend to much of your hard earned money.

I would say no. I upgraded (bought it used) and it didn't make it any easier (ok maybe a tiny tiny bit).

It does make the engagement point consistant tho.

Add another couple hundred bucks and get a auto clutch.

Add another couple hundred bucks and get a auto clutch.

Thats what I was thinking. :thumbsup:

I had one on my 2003 yz 450, I should have tried to extend the clutch arm before spending the 200.

2mm reduces the pull effort 10%

I have a Magura juice on my 2001 WR/YZ and I like it a whole lot more than I liked the cable, even after doing all the straightening, lubing, tweaking etc to the cable set up.

The earlier versions of the (Yamaha YZ/WR) Magura juice clutch came with a 10.5mm master cylinder, while on the CRF they use an 8.5mm master cylinder, and I agree that when you buy a Magura Juice for the Yamaha if you get the 10.5mm version it does NOT make the clutch that much easier but it does make it way more linear in feel and release.

So I get a hair up my ass one day and since I know a little about how hydraulics work I swapped out the 8.5mm master from my CRF and it was a HUGE difference in pull, it was like butter and MUCH MUCH easier to pull.

So I called Magura and spoke to the tech department and they agreed that the 8.5mm should work fine on the Yamaha with no problems at all as long as I used the newer version of the slave cylinder they came out with last year (which I had already ordered 2 of each for both my bikes as spares).

SO the moral of the story is this, the Magura Juice is freaking amazing and a night and day difference on both of my bikes, I highly recommend them to anyone as long as you use the smaller master cylinder on the Yamaha.

The easiest way to do that is to order the CRF version and then also order a slave cylinder for the YZF and swap them out when you get the kit, then sell the brand new never used CRF slave to me or anyone else on ebay and you wont lose a dime.

I race and ride supermoto and put these things through serious abuse and they have only let me down 1 time and that was with the earlier (weaker) slave cylinder, the little end broke off on the last lap of the Del Mar national 2 years ago, I was livid but thats racing....they are worth every penny if you get arm pump at all.

04 YZ450F/ Hinson basket, reroute cable and she pulls easier that my buddies juice clutch. Modulation is great and never fades. (don't have to use it that much.)

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