Lots of lube

Im gonna buy a couple cases of oil so I dont have to pay shipping on an order. I can get anything Klotz, Maxima, Bell Ray, PJ1, And Motul, Castrol, Motorex, and No Toil Makes. I can give it to you for a little above dealer cost plus shipping. Anyone intrested? Get ready for this season by having all the oil and grease and filter cleaner youre gonna use on hand already. Im only giving this offer to my fellow men on blue bikes. So maybe we can do something like you tell me what you want and how much of it and I will quote you asap. Remember this isnt just oils, anything you like from these companies i can get.



Forgot Engine Ice is in there too as well as I will ship the cheapest method posible.

So no one needs anything?

I work at a bike shop so I get a good deal on stuff, but thanks anyway.

I'd take you up on it but I'm afraid it's a long way to OZ, thanks anywayzzz

Yea I could use some engine ice. When are you putting the order through?

Im always doing more orders so whenever you want something you let me know. Its not limited to just chemicals either I can get you pretty much anything you want for close to dealer cost. PM me if intrested.

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