Valve replacement ?

I am replaceing Ex valves in 1985 xl600

is there any reson i should by oem valves $59 vs aftermarket ~$34



Price aside for a moment. Consider fitment issues. How much of a pain would it be to find that the aftermarket valves either don't fit at all, or fit but don't work very well, or worse had interference with the piston when you fire it up? If your bike was a CRF450R, where EVERYBODY replaces the valves and there are widely known good valves that are a direct drop in replacement, then fine. In your situation, with such an older bike, I would be leary of aftermarket for such a critical component. Spend the extra $ and have the assurance that it will fit perfectly, and that it will work correctly. That's my opinion. Good luck with the rebuild.

yeah, get oem...

THX for the replys


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