WR450 Endurance computer mounting

Hi there!

I have an 03 model with an Endurance computer with the specific mounting for this bike. However it doesn't seem to fit too well against the handlebar mounts because I've got Fatbars and Apico spacers/adapters.

I can't use the OEM trip computer plate because that's already used for an key operated ignition isolator.

I'd like to keep it on the bars anyhow, as it gives the best view.

Has anyone any ideas other than replacing the triple clamp?

Any assistance would be appreciated.



Try doing a search. There have been several posts with mounting ideas, some with great pictures.

Good luck, let us know how it turns out and post some pictures if you can :thumbsup:

You have to mill down the top clamp. Search for "trailtech" in this forum.


I used the billet mount... the kind with ears for the top clamp.


1 - Top clamp bolts recessed into the top half.

2 - Sandwiching between the bottom half of the adapters and the triple clamp looked like crap and put the TT too low.

Solution... Placed the mount on top of the top half of the adapters, marked, drilled and tapped 1/4-20 and secured with button-head stainless allens and locktite.

Only remaining problem, no way to mount a bar pad.

Thanks for your help gentlemen.

I'll see what I can do considering your suggestions


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