1999 Jetting

I have done allot of research on the site since yesterday and could not find the relevant information for what I am looking for. Most of the links to the topic no longer exist.

I have a 1999 WR 400 with approx. 1000 miles on it. I have not ridden the bike in couple of years (just turned it on for few minutes in the garage every few months.)

I took the bike to my cabin in northern AZ and mucked around with the jetting, it was popping on deceleration up north.

I brought bike back to PHX last week and it runs like crap. I have lost all of my reference material for the initial setup back in 2002.

Current Jetting details:

• Main jet: 172

• Pilot:45

• De-octopused ---- cant find the instructions on the site for the jetting details

• Vortip exhaust insert

• Uni filter

• Grey wire cut

• OBDVR clip on the 5th position

• Pilot screw – all over the place!

Can you guys give me the best setup for desert?

BTW I did mix-up my MAJ, PAJ and other jets. I have the shop manual and my setup should be for the de-octopus version.


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