mods for a 99 yz400f

hey i was just wondering if any of u guys have a 99 yz400f and have done mods to them to make them noticeably faster i have never raced but i am fully capable of it i have already a fmf powercore 4 and megabomb header and the other usual mods

hi i have the same model here in nz got it stock afew months ago i changed it to fat bars and a couple of rides ago i got a d.e.p rear pipe made noticable gains from mid on.i guess you could change to a aftermarket :thumbsup: carb and abit of porting :bonk:


The best mod i did on my 99 was to add hot cams intake and exhaust cams w/ the auto decomp. huge performance gain. the other most noticable was to add the power now on my carb. it took some of the hesitation out and improved starting somewhat. great bike i want an 06 450 but my 99 is still a great bike so i hevnt pulled the trigger yet

yeah/////////////get rid of the stock spings!.....also,put on a 426 sub-frame and radiators. Then move to carb.put a 450 carb on.,.with all the other mods listed you should have a bike that will kill everything in sight!

Ugh...FMF doesn't make the MegaBomb header for 1999 models....:thumbsup:

Ugh...FMF doesn't make the MegaBomb header for 1999 models....:bonk:

:thumbsup: um actually whats on there is a 426 mega bomb header there the same

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