Looking for a header for my '01 xr650L

I can't seem to find a stainless header for my '01-xr650L. Anyone know where I can find one. I've done the open up of the airbox,smog off, jet kit, ground off all the metal crap that doesn't need to be there(pass. pegs, helmet holder, bracket for char canister) stock lights,chain guard,put new W/B muff. , renthal riser bars(im tall), took the stock header off an ground out the welds/flange,hmmmm what else.... anyway, you get the idea, im trying to make this heavy bike(I know, it always will be) as light a poss. and increase power as well. Anyone have any other ideas? I've got quite a heavy box of junk now!!Anyone want the stock metal tank, it's collecting dust. Can a xr600r header really fit my xr650L, or are there mods to make it work, and how extensive are the mods.

Thanks to everyone, what a great source of info, and everyone that posts and replys with info---YOU ROCK---Thanks--Fellow 650 lover!!!

XRs only has the header in stainless or plated. I think WB also has one along with my be FmF. I'm sure you will get plent of hit's on this.

I have a never-installed oversized header for my 1995 XR650L, from August of 1996. It is, I believe, stainless steel. I don't think that it is plated.

I did not install it because it didn't mate up with my supertrapp that I had at the time. The pipe diameter was too large to plug into the receiving end of the Supertrapp.

I was going to take the Supertrapp to a mufffler shop and have it made bigger, but I lost interest. I eventually reinstalled the stock muffler because it is quiet.

PM me if you are interested in buying it.

I have pictures of it Here.

There is also a picture of the purchase receipt from the day I bought it. The description there is also somewhat vague.

The Header did mate up to the stock muffler, but with the graphite spacer removed. So on the shelf it has been for almost 10 years. :thumbsup:

Thanks Sean, i've PM you. Hope to hear from you!!!

Done :thumbsup:

FYI for everyone else who has Inquired about my Header:

To be fair: Since radvocaat is the originator of this thread, I will honor his transaction here. I will not start a bidding war for my own personal financial gain. If, however, radvocaat should change his mind, I will let you guys know..

The one who contacted me first by PM will be the next in line behind radvocaat.

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