Got one of these?

I have a section of trail on the powerlines that has a small rocky ledge about 20 feet long. Nothing huage but difficult. Here is my problem. The thing has slammed me EVERY SINGLE TIME! It pisses me off! I can see it coming 100 feet away and start getting pumped for it. F U you rotten, rocky little ledge, I am gonna roost your a$$! I come into to it in mid range 2nd gear, loft the front up perfectly, give it the gas its looking good this time, better than ever and .......ooops......uh ooh...oooof ....SLAM!......Ouch.

This is the only time ifind my bike to feel heavy, When picking it up after an energy sucking crash.

DENIED AGAIN! This was the closest I ever came to clearing it becuase I usually don't get the bike over the top. I got the bike over this time, I just wasn't on it.

The sad part is there is an easy way around it but do not find that acceptable. I could alter it a little an make it easier to roll up on it, but can't do that either. I must make it at least once in origonal form. It is the only peice of trail that consistanly kicks my ass every time and I just can't accept that......yet!

Got one of these?


Mike, welcome to Moab!! :)

At least you get a running start at yours! Sometimes we run into stuff like that after just coming out of a single track hair pin. W and I have looped back to go over the same section of trail as many as five or six times just to practice getting all the way up and over something like that without crashing or stalling! It would probably be quite comical if someone were to video tape it! :)

Yea, I got them here. There's two pipelines I haven't been able to do yet.

They all have loose rocks about softball size and up. I do best by keeping the speed down. I mean, when I try faster than mid-second (gear)the rocks just throw that bike around. The ones that are less than ~40 degrees it's easiest in 1st gear. The steeper ones i've had the best luck starting slow in second and encouraging the back wheel to spin. I guess it doesn't deflect me as much.

Just for kicks I'll take a look at the map tomorrow to see how close it is to 40 degrees.



98 WR400 Dualsport!

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