hey guys i recently found out my bike had water in the oil from somewhere so i went to the dealer and they told me it could be the rubber gaskets in the water pump so i did all that and i flushed the bike several times and the n put fresh oil and a new oil filter and rode it about 5 mins then i noticed the pipe was red hot coming out of the head...i checked my oil and it was good no water in it..then my buddy told me it good be running to lean...but i never touched the carb....so he also said my timing could be of...how do i check that and if it is out how do i time it...my book is coming friday so just thought i would ask u guys..any help would be nice :thumbsup:

If you are idling for any lengthy amount, or moving very slowly, your head pipe will glow. This does not indicate a problem. To check your timing, pull the valve cover, and 2 plugs from the flywheel cover. Turn the engine over with the crank nut until the T line on the flywheel lines up with the mark on the cover. When this is lined up, the punch marks on both of your cams should be basically flush with the top surface of the head, either in between the cams, or on the outside.

BTW... this proceedure is for an 04 yzf450

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