Which exhaust system is quieter?

The Pro Circuit 496 pipe or the FMF Q pipe ?

I run the Big Gun EVO X with the Vortex insert and it is quieter than stock.

I think the FMF is supposed to be quieter. I saw a Q2 on a YZ250 the other day and it looked pretty good. Not much bigger than stock. The power loss at +/-5000 rpm on this honda http://www.fmfracing.com/dynoroom.asp#honda20 is a bummer. Dunno how that translates to the YZ.

I would guess the PC runs better since it doesn't have any baffles. But it is BIG. Does anyone know or seen any dyno graphs of a PC496 compared to stock on a 450?(WR's or CRFX's don't count).

If you are worried about passing sound tests, I would go with FMF. The PC has a pretty good bark that gets louder as the packing deteriorates.

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