Cards for GA426Owner?

I would love to send him a card. Anyone know where to send it?


The Address is:

Pedmont Hospital

Attn: Patient, Mr. David Frankel

1968 Peachtree Rd. NW

Atlanta, GA. 30309

This was the first ride I have missed with him in months. David is and has always been a class act. His presents on the trail and the track will surely be missed while he is in recovery. I spoke with his sister a little while ago. He may be moved out of intensive care and into a private room this evening sometime. If so I will go and see him. I will pass on your concern for his speedy recovery.


Bonzai... :)

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I will get a card out today or tomorrow at the latest. Do you know how long he will be there??


Our Hero: David Frankel

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I would suspect atleast a full week considering the AP that they had to perform.

OK, Thanks for the info YAMAKAZE

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Mike, thanks for your thoughts. I am home now. I have beaten this unfortunate fate. Thanks for all of your support, thoughts

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