Thinking of selling: White bros. E-series exhaust from '00 YZ426

As I've been posting lately, I just picked up a YZ 426f. It has a White Brothers E-Series exhaust system with spark arrester on it and I'm sure that it's not going to pass the 96db sound level requirement at Hollister. I'd like to find another aftermarket exhaust that is sound legal, as well as one that doesn't get in the way of changing the oil filter.

I'd like to see if anyone would be interested in purchasing this exhaust, or trade?



The e-series will pass if you run the restrictor in them (see the White Brothers catalog) in combination with the special thick-yarn type sound reduction packing. Little to no loss in power.

Good to know.. I'll look into that. Thanks, this may save me some headache.

How much you want?

Not really sure yet. I have to figure out if I can use the s-pipe on whatever my next can will be, or if I have to sell it with this exhaust. Just an uneducated guess, $150 for the exhaust, or $200 for the whole system.

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