Burned /anyone ? for you/Leak Jet?

Is it true that if you weld shut the leak jet on the 250/450f's this would get rid of the low end bog that some are having? Anyone have any expierance with this? I was told the leak jet is for emissions/bleed off and is not needed.

My 450 with the jetting is spot on now and I have no low end bog but my buddies 250f has a bog at low end and he's tried multiple jetting combinations. Then I talked to a good mechanic and he mentioned the above but wanted to get some reassureance before we try this on my buddies bike.lol :bonk::thumbsup:

The leak jet allows some of your accelerator pump squirt to leak back into the float bowl, hence the name. It has nothing to do with emissions. A smaller leak jet allows less fuel to leak back and would be used to richen your AP squirt. If you are richening your jetting for cold weather, you may want to try soldering one of your larger ones shut. As far as it getting rid of the bog, that alone may or may not work, depending on how far you've taken the jetting. More likely, it's a combination of all jets and the AP timing that will cure the bog.

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