xr650R Smog pump IMS


Here it goes.....

I can wrench on just about anything but im having a hell of a time with the IMS smog pump block off kit....

IMS directions suck...

So question is :thumbsup:

Does anyone have a picture of where to remove the " 4 hose clamps" and install the block off plate and rubber condom.....

I cant seem to figure it out at all......

Pixs would be nice or even better if you live in the So Cal area come over and have a tecate and do it for me....


You'll be removing the "device" that is bolted to the back of the right-side radiator and all the hoses/lines attatched to it. That "device" has two solid pipes that connect to the head just above and between where the headers bolt to the head. That is where the block off plate goes. The fat rubber hose that also comes out of the "device" snakes its way back to the airbox. Remove the rubber hose and plug the hole where it connects to the airbox. There are only two hoses that run to the airbox--the other one is your crankcase breather. Leave it alone.

These are the parts you're removing:


This is where the block-off plate goes. It's the little red piece with the 8mm bolt. The original lines used an allen head bolt that was quite hard to remove without the shortened allan key that came in my XR's Only kit.


ETA: I forgot about the little rubber hose that connects to the "device" from the intake. Remove the barbed fitting and plug with the supplied screw/bolt.


thanks for the fast response.....i will give it a whirl tonight when i get home....

swear i was going crazy in regards to this "project"

Hey Off topic,

Where IN AZ can we ride....My buddy and his lady just moved to Phoenix area off Carefree highway...We want to ride next weekend and im bringing my bike and he rides a 2006 Raptor 700.....We did a 40 mile ride last week off Table mesa Rd....Head northwest to the top half of Lake pleasent.....

Any Ideas where we can get a good 50 miler in???

Open for any ideas....




Here it goes.....

I can wrench on just about anything but im having a hell of a time with the IMS smog pump block off kit....


Dude! I broke 4 allen wrenches while trying to get my freakin' smog pump off! :bonk:

Be patient and think it out. I had to keep leaving my garage before I started to pour gasoline on everything and struck a match! :thumbsup:

Honda couldn't have made it any harder for me than this design!

It was worth doing though! You'll be glad you did it.

I wouldn't want to do it again though!

Good Luck!



Did you see a difference in the pigs performance???

I know there are many topics on TT about smog pumps and the dos and donts.....

just wondering whats the purpose of it if it does nothing for the bike...


thanks again

I uncorked my xr with out doing the smog block kit, and the bike ran really lean and popped at high rpms and in deceleration. All that was fixed with the block off kit. The smog block kit is a necessity in uncorking the California model.

I think I got so frustrated at removing it, I actually took bolt cutters to the little pipes so I could get the wrench in there -- Chad

I had the same problems as everyone else getting to the allen that holds the smog lines onto the cylinder, but finally got it by taking a normal allen key, filing down the short end so that the long end just cleared the valve cover, then grinded a "V" shape about 2/3rds up the long end for a punch. Then, with a helpful fiance to keep the short end seated in the allen bolt, I used a punch against the allen key until the bolt broke loose. Try and use a better quality key, as cheaper ones will just bend when you hit them with the punch.

I just took the longest hose and looped it nipple to nipple and then removed pump. It was effectively blocked off, just not removed....


Would this be the same process for an 88 NX650 that I am making to look like a supermotard bike???

XR500 gas tank, CR85 front fender, UFO dual sport headlight w/ turn signals, same for rear, trailtech speedo, XR100 FMF dual exhaust, and 06 CRF250R side panels to go with dual exhaust. What do you think???


Did you see a difference in the pigs performance???


I didn't see too much difference really. Except like teamwho stated, the popping on deceleration was reduced. I still get a little popping though. I also live at 4,000 ft elevation if that matters. I am sure jetting would take care of the rest of the popping, but I ride in varying elevations. My bike is a '02 and uncorked. no other mods besides the IMS Block off. Removed my Electrex Dakar dual sport kit for now while I am waiting for a beefy stator!

Did you have any luck getting that pump off?


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