My first Turkey Run!

I have raced MX, one Hare Scramble (where I flipped my bike and broke my Navicular, i.e. scaphoid) and have playridden the rest of my life.

I met up with Ron S. out of East Lyme, CT and his riding buds, 10(?) all together, yesterday, (Sunday Sept. 9) in North Western NH for my first Turkey Run. The ache in my shoulders and road rash on my right forearm bring back fond memories of racing. But in this case, instead of riding for 2 - 20/25 minute moto's, we rode for (5-6?) hours and 100 miles. It was a combination of fire roads, single track (both fast and tight technical), asphault - thru town and vacant roads passing farmhomes, impressive power line trails. We drove by scenic lakes, through covered single lane bridges, waving kids and one waving 80 year old woman. Two familes had gatoraid stands set up on the trail which was quite nice.

Unfortunately Ron whacked a tree in a head on collision. He made it to the ~40 mile point when he and his tweaked shoulder and knee, called it a day.

I continued on with the rest of the guys. Some lessons learned:

1 - It is real nice to have one of those chart things on your handlebars, I didn't.

2 - A resetable odo goes good with the chart thingy. I had pulled all my lights off to ride w/ Bill, Mike68, young Nick Puza, and MCarp at Rausche Creek's MX and SX track, and didn't bother to put the odo back on.

3 - Although I did make it through the ride OK, the YZ tank may not be such a good idea. I will say, that that w/ ginger throttle, and some downhills, I could make 50 (Yes Martha, countem' 50) miles on the YZ tank! I will say I was quite uncomfortable thinking about being stranded in the middle of nowhere w/ an empty tank. I found and used (thanks Ron!!) a pint soda (pop to you guys from the midwest... like me :)) plastic bottle to add one quart of fuel to my tank, from Rons IMS tank. Afterwords, I stuck it behind my headlight just in case, although I did not need it again.

4 - Don't stop to take a leak IF NO ONE ELSE DOES. I did and the guys bolted. I got lost following the motorcycle tracks on the dirt road. I ended going on some long common driveway. The virgin mudhole, with nary a knobby track, belied the fact that I was the first to ride on this road. The guys waited somewhere for me but I never found them again until the ride was over. I stopped several times to follow some other group of guys.

5 - It is amazing what guys can legally register. I saw quite a few Honda CR 250's

w/ plates on them. I was quite impressed.

6 - Beware of the tree huggers. One section had trees cut down over the trail, which did add some fun to the ride. It appeared to me some of the trail markers in that area had been screwed with. Me and 6 other guys (they had their chart thingys) were scratching our heads (helmets?) in bewilderment. The tracks on the (wrong) road from previous bikes displayed the same confusion as ours. We did find our way and got back on track.

All in all it was a GREAT day of riding. I would recomend this to everyone.

Mike68, your name was mentioned several times in that you would have fun at one of these events. In this case, your bike would require a plate.

Ron, thanks for popping my Turkey Run cherry! :D


'99 WZ/YR (you choose!) with ALL YZ mods, de-octopused, FMF PowerBomb header, Stroker SX-1 silencer, SS front brake line, OEM YZ tank, IMS YZ seat.

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Sounds like fun. I am planning on getting into that soon. I am focusing on getting my bike plated and racing the King Phillip endure the 16th in mass. I will have a route sheet holder for this event.

A question for NETRA members. It says C on my card, can I still race B class?

I was thinking that Mike would love the ride. Boy did that one beat the s*** out of you though. How about that bog they sent you through. I'd never even seen one, nevermind ridden one.



Were you there?

Yup. I even asked someone on a wr if they were Kevin. But it wasn't you......He had a #17 on his plate and for some reason I thought you did too.


We could of hooked up!!

That's too bad!

Mark Trip, I should have stood out. I was on the blue WR... :)

Just look for my "Retro" red and neon yellow Alpinestar Tech 7's. Hey, neon is coming back...isn't it??

My work schedule allows me to ride the last 4 Turkey Runs:

New Boston, MA 9/30

Winchedon, MA 10/07

Central Village, CT 10/14

Taunton, MA 11/11

Maybe we can hook up at one of these? It could me a mini northeastern Moab...???

Kevin, I am real glad you had a great time. I did too, even with the tree thing. It would be great if these guy's are going to do some of the upcomming events. That single track bog was a tough one. Any of you guy's see a beautiful "DENIM" looking WR, especially the front fender, headlight assembly, and left side plastic with tree bark stuck on it, it will be me. Kevin, we'll be in touch. I am going to convaless for a few days. Ron S

I'm going to try to hit as many as possible, but I'm also going to try a Hare Scramble or two.

After that stump field I had to get off and lay down in the bog to rest,I was totally spent. The sweep riders came by and woke me up.I had to bypass the 17mile powerline loop as I was cramping up and my right hand could bearly grip the throttle. I had never been in this state of dehydration in my life. The dust was the worst I've ever seen,total talcum powder.I was seeing white stars,I thought I was tripping. We started off in a group of 5 and ended with 3,Skull,Rocketgurl, and myself. Returned at4:45pm, 15mins. after the 4:30 deadline for prizes.I had never been so beatup I was worring about making mistakes and getting hurt so I just backed way off and took my time. I loved it ,can't wait for next year, or the next turkey run.


I will do my utmost to hit the last 4 Turkey Runs. I will post invitations prior to ride day for any interested.

You can see the schedule at:


Hey Zorro,

Rocketgurl is a girl...right? What is she riding and how long has she rode? I dearly want to get my wife, Alisa, on a TTR125. My oldest daughter (13) Krista could ride it as well.

Just curious.


This all sounds like a lot of fun!

I hear ya Kev. I'm waiting for Nathaniel to say he wants and bike and I'm all over the TTR125 for me............uh.... him to ride :)



That TTR is a nice little bike. I think it is the "Ultimate Pit Bike"!! And with all the hop up stuff for it...I could be a happy man!

Hey, where are you employed now?

Send me an email (just updated my new addy) or call me 717-757-0526


Kevin, She's an excellent rider and will keep up with about anyone. Big into mountain bikes and conditioned. "YUP" she's a girl, rides an xr250.

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My hat is off to her!! :) I saw one girl when I was at the "Ammo" Turkey run. She was wearing riding gear.

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