Anyone do alittle woods riding on the 06?

I'm thinking of getting the 06 450 . I'm wondering about the power delivery and occasionally taking it on tight single track trails.

I took mine out for her first trail ride today. Coming from a WR I cant believe how small and light the bike feels. It turns so smooth and easy its just incredible. I put a 12 tooth counter on it right away, because I could tell from the test ride in the parking lot I wasnt going to get along with the 13. I feel like that was a great move. The suspension is just nuts, unreal smooth and felt great landing the small jumps I do. I didnt ride it real hard today, just wanted to get the feel for it. I think she will be an awesome woods weapon, its just so easy to ride. I did get in some real tight, steep stuff and it was a dream, again, it just feels so small. I love it. The power is great, but not scary or too much, but its always there when you need it. I cant wait to really get used to it and take it on a big ride. :thumbsup:

I raced my for the first time last weekend on my 06 450( a gp style,trails and track).Coming from a 250 2 smoke I really did not know what to expect. BUTTER!!!! This bike is a blast to ride!! :bonk::thumbsup::thumbsup: Once I got used to what gear I should be in it was great.The funny thing is I was'nt as sore after the race as I usually am after a 2 hour race and I hav'nt even got the suspention set-up yet. I have no complaints! The bike is very stable on the long straights,feels realy light when in the tight stuff,and likes the short shifts when you get tired. The biggest problem I had was using the power the best way. BUT, that could be because I'm used to a 2 smoke. A very good choice for both trail and track!!!

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