White goo under Oil cap

I was changing my oil the other night when I noticed some white goo under my oil cap on the engine. I even took the plugs out where you check the timing at and noticed some there also. Its just like a drop or two. The rest of the oil was dark in color and could not see any white or a milky color. I know thats a sign of water or antifreeze in the oil. After the oil change I did another practice the other night and it was cold in the building and pooring the rain outside. I let the bike sit for a couple nights and checked the caps again only to find a very little bit of white goo under the oil cap. I have been doing some indoor racing and it has been in the high 30's far as temperature goes. Is this normal for the bike to have some white goo in those locations? The bike is a 05 yz450f and I'm running amsoil motor oil. I only have about 25 to 30 hours on the bike. I was thinking my seal was leaking at the water pump but after doing some searching in other post, they said it would leak out the weep hole first. The hole is not plugged up with dirt. Any help would be great.


It's normal. As long as the oil is not milky. It's from condensation.

This can usually be caused from starting the bike and not letting it run long enough to properly warm up.

Viking, you are 100% correct. The same will happen to your car.

not exactly 100%, but fairly sure, i have been an ASE certified tech for several years and from my experience from engine teardowns this is usually the cause, It also depends on the climate where you live.

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