Oil Galley Plugs In 06

A week or two ago there was a thread about somebody that knew somebody with an 06 yz450. If you look on the "clutch side" of the bike on the bottom of the cover there is a oil galley about 3/8 round that has 2 plugs in it, one at each end, that are probably tapered and sunk in 1/8 of and inch. Anyway he said that his friend took it out for the first time and one of those plugs fell out instantly draining the engine of oil. Of course he didn't notice while riding and seized up the motor! Just wondering if anybody else has done anything about this, if it's an issue, could be a major one if it happens.

*Wow i'm suprised nobody that owns a 06 yz450 has replied to this yet, it's kind of a huge deal*

That post came from a source I frankly don't give much credence to, but it could have been true. The oil gallery he was talking about is on the LEFT side, not the right where the clutch is, and runs through the ignition cover. It's the integrated replacement for the external return line. All that would be necessary to assure they did not back out is to stake them slightly with a punch, so if you are concerne about it, it's an easy precaution to take.


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