Hi Everyone


My name is Adrian and i'am from Australia... this is my first post on this forum.. i would like to get the REAL DEAL on service intervals on a 05 WR450..

How many klms before piston/ring...?

how often do you drop the oil...?

and anything else i should know about...

i have a 01 YZ426F and i drop the oil after every weekend out... :thumbsup:

want to make the transfer to a WR i really want to suit it up for motard / street... any opinions on street / motard use...

sorry for the questions ... :thumbsup::bonk:

Welcome Adrian, this site has any and all the info you will ever need. Just to let you know you can also search the forums for any info you are looking for. Just click the search button and type in what you are looking for. Sometimes you can find better info than just posting a question because the people who really know have already explained the stuff and sometimes don't want to repeat themselves. But you do get the super knowledgeable nice guys who will repeat themselves. Search around and anything you have a question about, just ask us. Welcome, Dan

thanx Dan... :thumbsup::bonk:

Welcome to TT. Like Dan said, do a search first and if you have any further questions just ask.

:thumbsup: It is good to get another Aussie here...............

Service intervals on WR450......... pretty much the same as your YZ426.

I change the oil every 500kms or so (every 5 rides), I have found that any longer, it looks spent.

As a motard, go for it! Keep on top of your services and you will be right.

GYT-R have a kit for about $3000, but if I were you, look around and you might be able to pick up a WR450 from a dealer with the motard kit fitted free. I have seen it before.

Welcome to TT Adrian :thumbsup:

Hi Adrian

I dont know where you are from but I know that Ballards off road in the Western Suburbs of Sydney build supermot wheels to order. There is also a number of US sites (check out 2WF.com for a VERY nice supermotard Yamaha - YZ450 I think). You could probably get a new disc brake rotor (310-320mm) 4 pot clipar, brake line and lever as well - tyres as well of course. Matty05 is right, GYTR parts all in one moto for around 3100AUD sans tyres. I have been looking to do same to my 06WR but have yet to get deep enough into it, before laying out the $.

Please post any progress.

PS. The boys at Suttos also in Sydney west are very helpfull and may also be able to direct you.

Both above have internet site/e-mail contact.

Cheers Colin

The boys at Suttos also in Sydney west are very helpfull and may also be able to direct you.

Very cheap too! :thumbsup:

I would seriously consider the KTM 525 SMC


6 speed gearbox

Better cam for super moto

Already comes converted with wheels and larger brakes.

Increased steering head angle for stability.

Suspension is revised for Supermoto

fenders that work with super moto wheels.

Wider rims

etc, etc, etc.........

It would cost thousands more to properly convert the WR450 to Supermoto! :thumbsup:

It would cost us thousands and thousands more to get that bike into the country!

We don't get that one here :thumbsup:

We get alot of bikes here, but no full on supermoto ones. I think Husaberg the only ones here in aust, but they are just the enduro bike with SM wheels.

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