what parts will fit a 2000 426???

Hi Everybody,

I ride a 2000 426, but saw some good deals on parts from a 2002 on Ebay. What year(s) parts will fit a 2000 426??? Specifically forks and swingarms - but all applicable I guess. If anyone has knowledge on this matter - I would greatly appreciate if you could share. Tryin to stock up on parts I know I'll need while they're cheap on Ebay.

Thanks much -

Check out AV80R's recent post, he has a 01 he's parting out. I bought the wheels from him and he delivered as promised and even help me set up a paypal account. And most 00-02 426 parts where the same.

You can also go to Yamaha of Troy's website and use their parts finder to compare part numbers. That's what I do.

Forks yes.

swingarm no. If I remember right it is 99-01, 02-05 06?

I have some brand new plastics...side number plates, front and rear fender, and a Carbon Fiber Skid plate that will fit your bike. Email me for info.

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