05' parts on 06'

Will the oil filter from the 05' fit the 06'? Also, what about the clutch? My 05' has a GYTR clutch kit that only has five hours on it and I want to pull it and save it for the 06' when it needs it. Anybody know before I call the Yamaha shop and annoy him with my questions?

I know that the oil filter will, not too sure about the clutch though

The clutch should fit 99 %. I haven't found a '06 parts catalogue, but let me put it this way: Hinson makes the GYTR clutches, and Hinson lists their clutch components same for '04-'06, even '03 (apart from basket).

Yamaha of Troy has an online parts fiche. You can check any part number from the two bikes and compare them.YOT

I do know that the front wheels are the same for the '03 and the '06 because I was too lazy to change tires so I just swapped wheels.



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