Trading up!

I am in the process of trying to sell my husky te 610 and i am going to purchase an 01 or 02 yz426f. Unfortunately for me i dont have extensive knowledge with these bikes and i am hoping for a little info as far as problematic features or do's and dont's. I appreciate any feedback you may volunteer.

The 00 is the one bike that you will need to spend money on to upgrade of the 00-02 bikes. The 00 will need the 01 clutch update and you should get a 01+ nissan front master cylinder.

But all years of the 426 will need to be jetted. THe BK mod, and JD jet kit will solve those issues. Then just plan on getting the hotcam exhaust with autodecompression or the 03 450 exhaust cam to ease starting.

You may want to hold out for the 03 450, a bit newer bike. The only thing that would be needed on that is a heavier flywheel to tame the power a bit.

thanks for the info, I have thought about waiting for a yz450f but they seem to be a little bit more money right now, especially if somebody has done a bunch of aftermarket mods already. I'll keep a lookout for a 450, maybe i will get lucky.

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