Ever try ATF in a BRP's front forks?

I'm having trouble finding fork oil thinner than 10 wt, and so I was thinking of going with ATF.

Anyone ever tried that?

That was the ticket for the XR600R back in the day. They were not cartridge forks like they are in the XR650R now. Dextron is 7wt fluid. The XR650R works better with lighter fluid but, if you have nothing else tranny fluid will work and is better then what came in the forks from the factory. The stock fluid is 5wt but, has whale oil in it and lots of the rebound rods rust with it.

Order Silkolene(made by Fuchs) 2.5 weight from your local dealer or online.

I have been using mobil 1 ATF in all my bikes forks for about 10 years. they ride so much nicer once you get the whale snot out! :thumbsup:

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