FMF pipe on xr600r(97)

Hi there all.Just Bought the fmf Ti4 muffler and midpipe for my 1997 xr600r.I use 97 octane petrol in it.i am from south africa and we only got rid of leaded petrol at the beginning of this year.I know its shocking.They have some sort of replacement agent for the lead so apparently no tuning necessary to compensate.Your advise is always appreciated.

As I posted in another thread, I had the FMF Powerbomb header, mid-pipe, and Ti4 muffler on my last XR-L, and just ordered the same basic system in their catalog for the XR600R for my new ('06) XR-L; they no longer list a separate one for the XR-L, but I believe they are the same and will fit. I will let you know once mine.

Photos to follow.

Thanks mate.

we here in the USA had the lead removed many years ago, and the valve seats etc., have been upgraded by Honda to handle it ... I would assume your engine is the same, as far as unleaded-safe ... I wouldn't worry about it, or waste $$ on lead substitutes .. just my opinion .. :thumbsup:

Got it fitted and oh boy,the neighbours must hate me now cause it roar.Feels great to.Its not like it has a huge boost in power but it is spread more evenly through out now.Rocking

It isn't going to have a huge or even a small amount of extra power. It will just weigh less and have a better sound. then the rivets will loosen and it will leak and get even louder.

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