FMF pipe on xr600r(97)

Hi there all.Just Bought the fmf Ti4 muffler and midpipe for my 1997 xr600r.I use 97 octane petrol in it.Do I need to do any rejetting for it or does it work straight out the box?I am from south africa and we only got rid of leaded petrol at the beginning of this year.I know its shocking.They have some sort of replacement agent for the lead so apparently no tuning necessary to compensate.Your advise is always appreciated.

I have a '96, but without the midpipe. Re-jet it. It makes a world of difference. A UNI filter, removing the baffle, and the exhaust definately leans it out. FMF has recommended jetting on their website. It's a good place to start to get you in the ballpark. Where you live in SA?

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