02 426 Getting False Neutrals


Coming out of tight corners in 1st, I often get a false neutral trying to get into 2nd. Probably "false" is incorrect as that's where neutral is..

I'm trying to shift w/o clutch, but even with the clutch it happens too often. Usually results in hitting the jump while coasting (endo) :thumbsup: or the feeling that someone behind me is going to land on me. :bonk::thumbsup:

I then have to engage the clutch and hit it a good couple of times to get it into 2nd.

Is that common? Is that the sign of a new gearbox in my future? Am I just not hitting the shifter hard enough to jump neurtral to get into second?

Thanks in advance.


I have never had any problems hitting second. But, I don't use first gear very much. Its possible that somebodys crammed second too many times and have worn some internal parts.

It's normal for a new YZF to be a little notchy, but it wears out of that pretty fast. Something that I see quite a bit that might apply to you is that people experiment with repositioning the shifter to cure this problem. It usually works. If you're new to the bike, it could just be the fact that the YZF does seem to call for a little more deliberate effort moving between the first two gears than some other bikes do.

If you become convinced there is something wrong with it, get in behind the clutch and check the star wheel and indexer on the end of the shift cam. There's a star wheel mod you can do that slightly widens the pocket in the star for neutral, but leave that for the very last solution.

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