WR Owners pin your location on the map.

I'm in; first one for Holland...;-)

I added mine too... :thumbsup:

We're really few in Nevada, which is a mecca for dirtbike riders, I don't get this!

I'm the only one in Arizona so far.

I'm the only one in Arizona so far.

By default only 50 markers are shown, in order to see all pins, click on "Show 100 more" next to where it says "50 markers of 290 shown" at the bottom of the map.

I'm in...see a few others in the mid-michigan area too.

320 WR owners so far

I did some clean up, down to 305 members

That Map SUX, it don't let me post my city, as it's only a village really and not listed, Dam.

No one else in Florida?


324 members

I'm in.. It's cool to see how many WR owners there are in So Cal.. Lets ride..

Spamming, all new members will now have to ask permission to be added.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

328 members

Yo Rick from Timmins. Man your map marker is way off eh?

There are no roads where it's at now!

RDB from Longlac

I changed the permissions so it is easier to join now.

it may be eaiser but it still don't list my town there, so i still can't post :excuseme:


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