What do you think of the 06 YZ450F?

I'm in the market for a new bike. Reliability and low maintenance requirements are my considerations. I have been looking at the 06 Honda CRF450 as well, but it looks like there is a lot of maintenance involving the valves, water pump leaks, clutch basket, fork stops, frequent piston ring replacement. Don't get me wrong you CRF450 owners. I think the bike is awesome, but I don't like to spend a lot of time on maintenance, and I don't have excess money to spend on parts.

The YZ450F seems fairly maintenance free and pretty dang reliable from all of the threads I've been reading. Only problem is the price. The dealers are telling me that there is a limited supply of them, and they are fairly hard to get, thus expensive. I've gotten quotes of $7500-$8000 out the door.

What do you owners of the 06 YZ450F think of the bike so far? Any problems?

How much did you pay?

Thanks in advance for you input. :thumbsup:

I love mine, No regrets

best bike ive ever owned, payed round 7500 otd here in TX. I dont even care, it was worth it to me. Its one bad moto scooter. Super fast, very light, turns on rails, i love it. And im comin off 03 CRF 450.

I am very impressed with mine. Every time I ride it I can`t believe how good it really is. I paid 7464.00 OTD on a Limited Edition.

OK, I am buying an '06 YZF450. This is my first 4 stroke so what should I do ASAP and what are the things to look out for?

Any advice will be apprieciated as long as it's sincere.

Thanks in advance.

BTW...........I'm a Noob here, first post!

As far as I'm concerned, it is the best bike their is :thumbsup: . It is expensive, but in the long run it probably is cheaper. I just moved up from a 04 YZ250f and I've only adjusted the valves twice and never had to rebuild the motor! while my buddies with hondas and kawis have rebuilt theirs two or three times around 1,000 a pop :bonk: . I paid $7,700 otd for a limited edition and I think it was well worth the price.

I paid $7125 OTd for my SE and I do not have any regrets. It is by far the best engine, chassis and suspension I have ever ridden! All that and Yamaha has the best track record for their fourstroke 450 and 06 should follow suit.

We payed about 6200 OTD on our limited edition 450. Sorry cant give a ride report because the weather has been really crappy.


I don't have a 2006 (have a 2004 Yz450f)....

I bought the bike used with 45 or 50 hours on it, and have put about 45 or so on myself.

So far; Zero problems with the bike......The 2004 model is not as refined as the 2006, with poorer turning, and a "top heavy" feel. I however still love my bike, and wish I could upgrade to a 2006, but that's not gonna happen.


Change the oil and oil filter every 10 hours or so. I think the 2006 just like the 2004 has the transmission and engine sharing the oil, so keep that oil and filter changed every 10 hours. I recommend a Scott's performance Stainless steel oil filter as it is reusable (just clean it with carb. cleaner), plus it filters better than the stock paper filter's. It is expensive at about $ 69 or so, but in the long run it will save you money, and as long as you don't destroy it (cut it, smash it, etc.) will outlive the bike.

Don't run the stock chain more than about 10 hours of riding time....the stock chains are horrible, and will stretch, stretch, stretch with even very meticulous care. You can use the stock chain for about 10 hours or less, than if you keep it on longer than that, it will start to chew up the sprockets. Either replace the chain with a new one right when you get the bike, or use the stock one for less than 10 hours and install the new one. If you're gonna ride STRICTLY motocross, than get a high quality non "o" ring chain....If you're going to use the bike for MX and trail riding or strictly trail riding, than I would get an "o" ring chain....Your eyes will bleed doing searches about "o" ring versus non "o" ring chains with all the information. I personally like REGINA chains, and use the ORN model...again your decision on what chain you want, but DON'T use the stock one past 10 hours, or you'll end up buying a chain, front sprocket, and rear sprocket, from the stretched chain "eating" the sprockets.

I think Yamaha is still shipping bikes with the Dunlop 739 tires.....Some people like this tire, but for me and a good number of other people, we hate this tire. My front end was constantly washing out with the stock tire...and I took the advise of other's and use a Dunlop 756 up front, and a Maxxis IT on the rear.

THis combo works very well for me on both MX tracks and on trails...and has held up very well.

Well, I think that about does it off the top of my head...good luck with the new bike

I just got home with mine, and have only ridden it in the front of my house, will ride it this weekend and report back.

I paid $7000 otd for my limited edition.


I rode it back to back with my 05 YZ250 smoker. It turns and handles VERY near my bike. Keep in mind that the smoker is lighter and has less "gyroscopic" affect. Having said that......the new 450 gives up very very little in the handling department. As a matter of fact...it is smoother and more planted than any two smoke. Actually it felt more stable and planted (while still feeling light in the air) than any thumper I have been on.

I have raced an 01 YZ426 for 3 years, I have ridden the 03,04,05 YZF and I have ridden the 03-04-05 CRF. The new YZF felt the lightest of all those thumpers, turned the best and had one of those "how much torque do you want" powerbands. Everytime I was a gear too high.....I just twisted the throttle and the bike pulled it. Keep in mind this was someone else's bike so I never roached it out (ok just a little) but the bike does pull longer than the track (or my guts) would allow.

This is a very good handling bike, excellent suspension right from the factory and of course....Yamaha's unbeatable 4-stroke reliablitly. If this appeals to you...this is your bike. I know I sound like a Yamaha "homer" but this is my opinion. Keep in mind, you can tweak ANY bike to fit your riding style and preferences......they don't do that at the factory obviously. I think some folks get caught up in all that. Put your favorite tires on it, the bars you like, dial in the suspension and go have fun.

Coming from a 2004 WR 450 my new SE Yz450f is a dream. I am not even sure what I paid, and I dont really care. I think it was around 6700 fun tokens, worth every damn penny. I know with my WR I put about 4000 miles(all off road) and had zero problems, and that seems to be the norm. I did regular oil and filter changes and rode the hell out of it. :thumbsup:

If possible, wait until later this year when the "new" has worn off and the supply chain has backed up with bikes. Just my 2 cents.

Coming from a 2004 WR 450 my new SE Yz450f is a dream.

I'm very tempted by the new YZ. My beloved '04 WR is starting to feel a little portly. Can you give me a little comparo here? Try and push me over the edge?



I'm very tempted by the new YZ. My beloved '04 WR is starting to feel a little portly. Can you give me a little comparo here? Try and push me over the edge?
Do it!!! You wont believe how small and balanced this bike feels. It is so easy to ride fast. And turns, well forget about it, you wont believe how easy this bike is to turn. It is so manueverable you will forget your on a 450....until you grab a handful of throttle. I love my WR, but the YZ is just that much better. The only thing I am having a hard time getting used to is not having a damn sidestand, man I didnt realize how handy those are. I dont even miss the e-start, the YZ kicks so easy its no big deal. Enjoy your new YZ. :thumbsup:

Well I am picking mine up today ........... a long wait is over.......SE limited at a fair price :thumbsup: Now the fun part of building and tweeking it out for me.....

new - pegs, new bars, new tires, new graphics, Enzo.........

Athena Big bore kit going in my 03....with a hinson -

mo money............ :bonk:

I went with my friend to pick up his 06 yz450f yesterday and boy that thing is sweet. I am currently riding a 05 yz250f, but I sure do want that 06. I spent like 3 hours lastnight drueling over the bike while i looked at every part to see what they changed. I can't wait until I get to take it for a test ride.

I rode a friends 05 YZ 250 2st last weekend after being on my 06 450. I can not believe the difference, the 450 felt like it was stuck to the ground and the 2 st felt very unconnected.

I have had nothing but 2 stroker all my life be this new 450 incredible.

And turns, well forget about it, you wont believe how easy this bike is to turn.

Sold! That's the part I was looking for. The ol' WR is a bit of an underachiever in that area.

Now I need to figure out how to get the approval from the MHC.


Sold! That's the part I was looking for. The ol' WR is a bit of an underachiever in that area.
Yah, my buddy that has an 04 WR 450 took my new YZ for like 3 laps around the parking lot at my shop last night, he said he could tell just from that how easy it turned compared to our WR's,. Cant wait for the snow to melt in the mountains and give it try up there. :thumbsup:

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