Gearing on a 06' 450 vs. 01' 426

I currently have an immaculate 01' 426F after previously owning a 99' 400F. I have nothing but good to say about either bike. Plenty of ponies, bulletproof, just put gas in it, do the usual maintenance,and ride. I have been reluctant to buy a 450 in previous years as I definately wanted to stay with blue, but also knew I did not want a 4-speed as I do ride some tight trails out here in the Black Hills of SD and the high 1st gear of the 03'-05' yamaha's would not be ideal. My question is, how does 1st gear on the 06's compare with the 426's......and, how about 5th gear as I do end up covering some miles straight down the road and it isn't fun if a bike is really low geared. I think I actually read that the top speed on the 06' is a little faster than previous years???............

I'd appreciate any input you boys have,


Except for low gear, the '06 5 speed is gear for gear the exact same transmission ratios that were in the YZ426.

Low gear on the 426 was 1.846, and the '06 is lower actually. It's the same 1.929 that the 450 4 speed was. The primary ratio is higher in the '06, but if you fool with the chain and sprockets, you can come up with pretty much the same thing as you had with your 426, but with a slightly lower first.

so, what kind of speed range do you get out of the 06 gearing? is it capable of 70-80 mph with the close ratio tranny? i'm kinda tossing around the idea of a yz450f as a dezert/enduro race bike because of the top-notch suspension and light weight, but i'm concerned about the gearing, and about the noise level. i like close ration trannys like the one in my 250sx except for the limitation on top speed.


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