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Help with high bars and GYT-R T-Clamp Mounts

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Recently purchased a set of Renthal Fat Bars to replace the moose bars I constantly was bending. I also bought a set of universal mounts for the Bars. The Universal mounts raised my bars by 19mm and the bend was raised another 23mm or so. The problem now is that the Triple Clamp mounts are about a full 1 1/2 inches short of allowing the hand guard to be level with the horizon of the bars. I have gone to the extreme of placing only the top Triple clamp mount bolt through the mounting bracket which has reduced the difference to 1 inch below horizon. I have called everyone I know to see if anyone makes a taller Triple clamo mount for the Yamaha Aluminum hand guards but no luck. I was told by a factory Yamaha rep that I should buy a Triple Clamp made for the bars to remedy the problem. That will be my last resort as for the first time I can stand up and ride comfortable. I have a friend who owns a machine shop, If no one makes them then I guess I'll contract him to do a special build for me....

Thanks in advance.....

Bonzai... :)

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