lighter oil in the forks

I have heard lighter oil in the forks can soften up the suspension. I am not a very big guy 165# and the front forks are killin my arms. I have heard putting 5 weight in them can make a big difference. Does anybody know what stock weight is? does it really make a significant difference? Any body recommend an oil or even ATF?


99 yz400f

5wt is what you are suppose to run in the forks.

you can find 2.5 wt out there. But you may want to look into a revalve on the 99 forks. Would do wonders for you

I agree with trying a lighter weight oil. ATF will be a good start.

Standard ATF may work OK as a fork oil, but it is considerably heavier than 5 wt. Golden Spectro 85-150 is a good 5 wt equivalent oil. PJ1 makes a good 2.5 wt fork oil.

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