Dr. D pipe

Does a Dr. D pipe on a 2004 YZ450F require rejet from stock jetting?


the word require is hard to justify using when you're talking about something like jetting...your bike may not require it, but it very well could need a change in order to work better. My 06 needed to be rejetted for the stock pipe...not sure what will happen w/the FMF that's on there now, as I haven't even started it yet w/it.

one thing for sure - setting the bike up right will pay off in the long run.

Require is more for your tastes in what performance is acceptable to you.

According to Dubach's website, to gain maximum performance you would make an adjustment to jetting slightly. check out the website for more info...

Needle on clip on #3 is what they say but the US 04 YZ450 is on #3 from the dealer

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