new supermoto rims! need advice?

Just got my supermoto rims yesterday! there gold talon hubs with morad spokes& polished rims and dunlop 208 tires,ready to bolt on minus rotors and sprocket which brings me to my question. what is the smallest rear sprocket i can run without mods? i rode it today and its way to slow on the street even with the 15 tooth front sprocket. my bike is still a dirt bike but when i want to ride any distance on the road i don't want to cook my dirt tires so i want a fast change. i am going to run stock disks if any body has disks and a sprocket they want to sell let me know! :thumbsup:

I started with 14/39 and found that was great for 100mph+ cruising so changed and now run 15/42 or 14/42 depending on where I go or which track I am on.


Most common is 15/41 range, but you will have to shorten your chain I believe. I'm currently running 16/44 (which requires a custom homemade 16T case saver). This is a very similar ratio to 15/41 but will work (just barely) with the stock 110 link chain. This makes it nice if you plan to swap back and forth between SM and offroad. If you will stay in SM mode, then just shorten your chain.

Where did you get the wheels and tires, and how much did they cost. I have been thinking about doin the swap myself.

I bought my rims from a local bike shop they were already on a motard bike for about 500kms. there in mint condition and i paid $1250cdn for the set thats about $1100us. I was told they cost about $1700 a wheel to build.

Red; I think you overpaid, unless they're Marchesi wheels. You can get Brand New EXCELS w/ Talon Hubs for about $900 US and usually for $1500 or so you can get everything you need for the SM conversion (Wheels/Hubs, Tires, Brake Rotor, Caliper Relocater etc). Motostrano, ChampionsOnline etc. sell 'em and some eBay outfits. If your bike is an L model you can just get the rims and lace em up to some stock hubs for like $500.

He got a good deal because it includes tires/tubes.

I paid $1050 shipped for my wheels and then another ~$300 for tires and tubes.

These are not cheap knockoffs the rims are from Spain and the hubs from england they are race spec. i can also buy them new for about $1300cdn but the guys that race them said there a waste of time unless your just after bling factor. talon even makes some cheap hubs that are adaptable to other bikes, but these are XR650R specific and apparently unbreakable.

You are spot on there. I reckon that apart from the logo on the rim there's not much between the Excel of Morad rims in the real world. Apart from one costing lots more than the other. Over here a set of Talon/Excel wheels will set you back anything from £750 to £900. Thats about $1300 - $1700 USD

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