Throttle cable assembly comming apart

Has anyone had the problem where your throttle cable assembly is fraying at the carb? I am going through my bike on its annual P.M. and I found that. I was surprised and thought I would ask.

This is a common problem. if you search you will find several topics on this subject. The issue is the angle of the outer cable causes the inner cable to constantly rub on the outer cable causing the fray. I think I have figured out a fix which I implemented on my WR400 and so far so good. I took a sheet rock screw and ground the tip to make a piece of metal that I could insert between the outer cable and the mounting bracket. Once the tip was ground down to the proper size, I cut it off the screw. I then inserted it and glued it in with JB weld. The outer cable is now angled so there is no rubbing at all. Everything seems to tighten down OK and has not loosened up. This has been installed for one season so far. this seems to be much better then dropping $35 for a set of cables a couple of times a season!

Hope this helps!


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