I need nipples!!!!!!

Yeah, Yeah, I know!!!!!!!

But seriously. I need 4 rear wheel spoke nipples and 1 front. Anyone have any? Thanks, Dan

/me resists the urge to open up google image search on this one...


Yea we all have been saying that since birth............that need never goes away! :thumbsup:

I have several stock fronts for a 97 yz. What size spoke wrench do you use on your fronts. They might be the same.

I checked the Yamaha diagrams and they say they are differet. I really appreciate the help. Thanks, Dan

If all else fails, Excel has a replacement nipple set for stock spokes. I believe they were 30 bucks. I was going to use them, but ended up getting a set of heavy duty spokes for slightly more.

Thanks for the help. I just got some help on a front nipple. I will check out excel for the rears.

I ended up paying only 60.00 for heavy duty bulldog spokes and nipples. I wonder if the excel nipple only deal for 30.00 is even worth it?

You cannot believe how much larger the hd stuff is. It builds a really nice wheel. No drilling hubs or rims on Yamaha's for the larger sizes.

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