Anyone not happy with aftermarket exhaust?

How many of you have put on an aftermarket slip-on and decided later to put back on the stock can? I read about this sort of thing on some other sportbike boards and wondered what you all think with the "L".

(P.S. Waiting for a Supertrapp IDS2 Quiet Series, which has been backordered for 3 weeks with no E.T.A. Thinking of canceling the order...)

I put an FMF Q on my XR600 and I thought it may have actually hurt my low end power. I think there may have been a slight gain in high RPM power. I had rejetted as required and was using a UNI filter with the stock header. I tend to ride a gear high and the "Q" did not fit my riding style since I don't ride near to the top of the RPM range.

When getting into a complete system you have to know that you are going to lose on the bottom end and gain up top. I always felt that going to a slip on would be the best way to keep the power the same and to just change the sound and lose some weight.

I really like my Supertrapp IDS2, the same one you have on order ... got mine from RockyMountain about a year ago, and couldnt be happier .. good luck :thumbsup:

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