06 RMZ450 oil change

I just bought a new 06 RMZ450 and had some questions. I've always used maxima oil and one bottle is a liter, and I was trying to find out how many liters do you use for a oil change and for a oil and filter change? The manual only shows 1400 and 1450ml. Also, I would have to change my tranny oil on my crf250, but I don't see in the suzuki manual, where you change it for the suzuki 450. Please help!!!!

first off, there is no seperate tranni/motor oil. it's all one. two, I usually just do 1.5L and call it a day. The bike burns off about 100ml every two hours anyway.

it is 1.5L with New Oil filter and 1.3 with oil filter change

1,5L without oil filter change

1,55L with filter change

1.5L is correct w/filter change. :thumbsup:

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