Want 2nd set of wheels 4 my xr650L??????

Yeah Bolt, your an eBay thief and stole that wheel from me in the last 20 seconds! Just kidding... I should have made my bid a touch higher to defend against the likes of you. :thumbsup:

If you are the one that bid $180, then you were a 15 second thief too ! LOL

I just think it's funny that a last minute thief bid $180 at the same time I bid $182.50... :thumbsup: LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

BTW the rim has a LOT of scars that the seller avoided showing or disclosing... It's OK for a Paddle tire rim that I am going to use it for as it is true... But it would be a disappointment for anyone looking for a clean rim.

Also the disc is junk in my opinion... (Tryin to make you feel a little better)

When the seller saw 3 of us were willing to pay $150, 180 & $182 he jacked the starting bid on the second wheel they have to over $300... What a piece this guy is... :thumbsup:

Hey Bolt, yeah, I was last minute thief too ( I was the 180) :thumbsup: Just, you beat me to it fair and square. I saw that he jacked the other wheel price up when he relisted it. That guy is a piece of work. Oh well, whatever the market will bear...

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