analog speedometer

I've been searching for quite a while now (ebay, google) for a basic round analog speedometer for my XR.

I have come across the small 2 1/2" one that baja designs and fourstrokesonly carry. I really like this one, but I don't like the fact that it goes up to 160mph! I like the setup that a guy was selling on ebay. But he is using the same 160mph speedo. Here it is .

Besides finding a couple of late 70's, and early 80's used speedos on ebay, which may or may not fit, I have not found anything else that size.

Can anyone point me in the right direction for an analog speedo around 2 1/2" diameter that will fit an XR. From all my research, it seems like most any of the japanese speedos can be interchanged. But I may be wrong on this.


I believe all XR speedo cables are the same except for the 650L..? Older XR250's had nice analog speedos. I had one on my XR from my 87 and it worked great.

Yes, Honda had a bigger rectangular analog speedo/trip combo unit that they put on XR's in the old days. Mine came with my '87 XR200. It goes up to 90 I think and runs of the stock speedo drive. Bolts right up to the two hole pattern on the top front of your upper clamps. I've got mine in a box, as I wanted to keep it when I sold my XR200. I think you can buy them from Honda, but it will cost you some $.

Here is the part# 37200-KF0-671. has it listed for $172 down from $235. I looked it up at, under '87 XR200R, you can get an idea of what it looks like. There are rubber mounts and bolts that you might want also. Your stock speedo drive cable will plug right into it. Good luck.

Thanks for the info. I really like the looks of the round ones if I can find one. I can fabricate my own mount as long as it mates up with the stock speedo drive. I'll keep looking at some used ones unless someone knows of any generic new ones that might work.

I'm not aware of any other round ones that will work with the stock speedo drive (other than the Baja Designs one, that's what I'm using now). These guys have round speedos, but digital, and I don't know if they use a magnetic pickup or if any might use the stock Honda speedo drive. Interesting features though.

Did anyone mention the 81-83 XR200R and other models used a round metal speedo, but pretty big and heavy.

The the plastic rectangular as mentioned expensive..................and very easy to damage!

Old School Al

Looks like I might just get the baja designs one even though I'll never go over 70. People might be impressed if they think my bike can go 160!


that ebay auction one looks friggin awsome.

I have a 3 1/2 inch round speedo/odometer I got off ebay. I can't remember what it was originally off of. I'm pretty sure it was for a dual sport bike because it has a internal light and it shows the shifting speed patterns for a six speed trans. It shows a top speed of 90 mph and has a overall odometer and a trip odometer. I mounted this to my 650R and it works great. If your interested I can take a picture of it and email it to you.


Mind posting the pictures, and/or the source? Looking for a speedo, too.



If I remember correctly, the 1980 XR500 had a rather large round speedometer that didn't register over 100. My Dad owned a 1980 XR500

1980 XR500 Speedometer

Part Number is: 37200-429-671

$246.75 at partsfish

$162.88 through servicehonda (assuming that Honda of North America still keeps it in inventory)

The closest I could find to finding a picture of the speedometer is here:


Then again, This place says they have it in stock:

O.K. This is my first time trying to post pics so bear with me. I have the bike somewhat torn apart, but you get the idea. I originally had the rectangle speedo from the older XR's on there, but it died and I couldn't repair it. So I found this one on ebay. It was brand new with 0 miles on it. I think I paid something like $30 for it which included shipping. Great deal.

That looks pretty good.

I ended up buying the 2 1/2" baja designs style. I machined a nice little bracket out of 1/8" aluminum that mounts to the stock triple clamp location. I'll post some pictures when I get my bike all back together.

That ebay item with the keyed ignition is now (for a short time) available with the very nice surplus ATK analog speedo. 100mph, trip odometer, backlit. First one is on the way to my house. :thumbsup:

that ebay auction one looks friggin awsome.

That friggin ebay auction one is awsome. I have one, very easy to hook up and mount. Fits very well behind the head light. Also room for your horn to the left if you street legal your bike. :thumbsup:

What, you haven't pushed your bike to 160 yet?

That friggin ebay auction one is awsome. I have one, very easy to hook up and mount. Fits very well behind the head light. Also room for your horn to the left if you street legal your bike. :thumbsup:

Here's what you can get that with now, for a very short time. ATK said they had about 10 left when he bought mine.

Stock Honda keyed ignition too. :thumbsup:

I have a used baja designs analog speedo with 600 miles on it.


I have a brand new, in the box, ICO Dual Sport computer too.

PM me if you are interested.

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