Q2 vs. 496

Does any one have any experience/opinions with the FMF Q2 compared to the PC496? I have a 496 on my WR and it's a big improvement (ain't hard compared to stock though), but it's BIG.

I need a quieter pipe/SA for my new YZ. I mostly ride desert & hare scrambles and am in LOVE with the power/throttle response of my new ride, especially low to mid. I hate to spend 400 bucks to loose it, but I gotta quiet her down.

Anyone know which one performs best? Which one is lighter? Smaller? :thumbsup:

I am anxiously awaiting to hear some opinions on this one too. I am in the same boat as you. I love the new YZ, but damn, its too loud. I know our WR brothers can help us out. :thumbsup:

I am anxiously awaiting to hear some opinions on this one too. I am in the same boat as you. I love the new YZ, but damn, its too loud. I know our WR brothers can help us out. :thumbsup:

the new titanium power core 4 is supposed to be 100db (3 less than my old pc4) and you can get it with the optional 96db insert,which robs a little bottom end :thumbsup: but will comply with USFS noise rules(for now),it is also spark arrested(or can be ordered that way) i think i'm gonna try one as soon as they're available :bonk: anyone that puts a Q on a yz 450 and says it has plenty of power,probly just came off a ttr 125 :eek:

So you think the power core 4 w/96db insert runs better than a Q2? Most 'quiet' inserts I've seen are just glorified plugs. :bonk: I don't want to switch back and forth for riding/racing, and there are more and more houses being built close to our favorite riding areas. But I don't want to give up on power either. I don't want much, do I. :p

There's got to be a way. :eek:

This dyno graph http://www.fmfracing.com/dynoroom.asp#honda20 shows a crf450 producing MORE power after 6200 rpm with a Q muffler. Would a Power Now help restore the bottom? I seem to remember Jimmy Lewis in a Dirt Rider story claim that their YZ450 w/Q2 was "nicer"(no thanks) for the trail, but the addition of the Power Now brought back some snap, and the second Power Now('tween the carb n head) was to much. :thumbsup:

Am I remembering that right? Does anyone have that issue, and can confirm that for me?

FMF claims their new Megabomb header restores most of the lost torque associated w/ quiet pipes, but crikey, how much is a guy supposed to spend to be responsible? :thumbsup:

i can hardly ride my bike with the insert(but thats just me),i've even tried jetting around it. still the lack of bottom is annoying to say the least. i had the same setup on my 04 wr450 and it was bearable to use the insert,probly because the wr has enough bottom to spare. i use the power now and the power bomb header, and the bottom end grunt i get with the pb/pc4(without insert) on my 05 yz450 is perfect. they are going to start enforcing the ama limits at the HS i want to attend this yr so i'm gonna try the new ti pc4(100db). its not that hard to change the insert,i think the option to go either way depending on circumstance is the smartest way to do it :thumbsup: and yes i beleive the insert in the pc4 is better than the Q,i have no real experience with the Q2 so it may be better :bonk:

I runthe Big Gun EVO X with the Vortex insert and it's quieter than the stock pipe. And runs better as well.

The difference is you can fully de-restrict a PC496.

The Q2 has internal baffles that cant be removed

The 496 just uses a longer canister than the T4, an endcap with about a 1" opening and a spark arrestor with like a washer welded in it. You can just take out the restricted sparky (or put in an unrestricted one) and change the end cap to a larger one (1.5", 1.75", 2" available) and you have some serious power unleashed.

I say go the procircuit, easier to tune, play around with and be quiet when you have to. Hell, I can make my Ti GP lowboy system very quiet with the quiet core insert and endcap!

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