Yamaha WR400-F Supermoto Question

My friend has a 1999 Yamaha WR400F, he wants to know if you can get magnesium wheels to fit for supermoto trim? I'm sure I saw someone's supermoto WR or YZ on here which had maganesium wheels in :bonk:.

Anyhow thanks in advance

Honda0001 :thumbsup:

I have a set of gold excel 17"s with Talon hubs that I am selling. They came off my 426f. Lemme know if that is an option

Comeon guys... :thumbsup:

Thanks but I was looking for someone who had put GSX-R or street bike wheels in or something?

I've heard of people adapting GS500 wheels. I actually bought a non-running GS500 to do this mod, but got it running and it's too nice of a bike to part out now, darn the luck. Some bearings, spacers, a bank account and a friend with a machine shop are all it takes to get them to fit.

Is there anyone who has gotten GS500E wheels on a WR or YZ?? I just picked up a cherry 89 GS500E and i cant help but think how cool it would be to swap out the black mags onto my 02WR426F. but could it be done so you could swap them back and forth???

I've got Suzuki 250 Bandit wheels on my 426. They took a bit of work to fit but I'm very happy with the outcome :thumbsup:


I have Cbr600F3 wheels on mine. The 5 inch rear is a tight fit and required about 5 hours of machining to get it to fit. They are aluminum though, not magnesium. I've never heard of magnesium supermoto wheels. Those marchesini's someone posted earlier are aluminum too.


I'll never miss a change to pimp my bike out. :thumbsup:

damnit, i wish i payed more attention in metal shop. both those bikes look so fresh.

I have a set of GS500 wheels laying around, but the rear is pretty small, it could fit MAYBE a 140 properly. But the 98+ katana or sv650 rear wheel will bolt onto a GS500, so you could use that later on.

Im thinking of turning my 426 into a supermoto. i was just wondering what would be the best gearing ratio for the bike, im not concerned about having loads of tourque but i still would like some. So what would be the best ratio. Thanks

I bought a 1998 WR400F over 2 years ago which was set up as a super motard and also had the original dirt wheels. I also had a 2003 WR250F at the time and the whole reason of buying the WR400F was to get the super motard setup. The super motard setup was Suzuki RGV250 (Bandit in US I think) rims, with a 320mm front brake rotor, front brake caliper relocator and a machined down rear brake disc.

When I got the WR400F home, I stripped the super motard gear off it, put it back to standard then sold the bike for $300 more than what I originally paid for it. A little bit of elbow grease and tyre shine goes a long way!

I now had the complete WR400F supermotard setup and began bolting it onto my WR250F and to my surprise the front bolted straight on. The spacers for either side, the brake caliper relocator and the 320mm front brake disc fitted perfectly.

On the rear, the wheel bolted up perfectly, but two small problems, the brake disc was too small and the rear axle bolt was too thick at the non-threaded end.

I found a solution for both of these. I took the disc to a local Suzuki dealer who said it wasn't off a Suzuki but he could see what he could do. Two weeks later and sucess, I bought a good used rear disc off a TL1000R road bike for $145. I got it home, installed it and it was about 10mm too wide in the overall diameter. This was the machined down and it worked a treat. While at the machine shop, the rear axle bolt was slightly tapered to fit through the rim perfect.

At the start of this year I sold my WR250F and upgraded to a 2007 WR450F. The plan was to keep it just as a dirt bike and buy another road bike but curiosity got the better of me. One weekend afternoon after going for a ride in the local sand dunes, I came home, cleaned up the bike and began swapping out the super motard wheels onto the bike. 50 minutes later and the wheels were bolted up and ready to go.

I'm very suprised that with the simple machining of an axle bolt and changing the rear disc, these wheels fit all Yamaha WR's from 1998-2008.

Below are pictures of the wheels on my bike now. They were all blue, but within the last month, I stripped the wheels back, polished the outer lips, spray painted the inner spoke area with gloss black and fitted brand new tyres. The front is a Pirelli Diablo Corsa 120/60/17 and the rear is a Pirelli Diablo 150/60/17.

I would definetly recommend doing this upgrade to anyone who does a bit of road riding on their WR. The only let down on the bike now is the size of the standard tank. I'm sick of filling up every 100km's, so I will be getting a IMS tank in the near future. As for gear ratios, I'm running a 14 tooth front sprocket and a 43 tooth rear. Still gives the bike plenty of power down low, but the bike will still sit on 110km/h with no problems!



hey justbackitin...I just bought a set of used 17" excel rims off a 06 wr250 with stock hubs. I figured out that they will fit but now I am trying to get all the other detials figured out. I am looking for a clean blinker setup as I already have the head light and tail light. I like the ones you have on your bike.

Where did you get those?

The local bike shop. They are Lockhart Phillips flush mount signals made for a sport bike. I just bolted the rear ones to the fender and wired them up. For the front I bought the same signals (but smoked lenses) and made aluminum backing plates for them to mount on, and bolted the aluminum plate to the upper triple clamp. Another option for the front is as set of Zeta hand guards. Zeta makes ones with the signals built right in. If I had the $ I would get a set of those.

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